Tracking the AI Assistant events using Google Analytics

Here is how you can track the AI Assistant events, such as widget loading, messages, searches, and clicks, using Google Analytics.


To see the Eddy AI Assistant events in your Google Analytics account you need to:

1. Have the Google Analytics tracking already installed on your website (installation guide).

2. Purchase the Premium plan or Support Automation plan.

3. Add an additional event tracking script into the <head> section of your website.

Testing the integration

To test if the integration is working correctly:

1. Open the “Realtime” dashboard in Google Analytics and select “Events” on the left side of the screen.

2. Open your website where you have the AI Assistant installed.

3. Open the chat widget and send a message to the AI Assistant.

4. Return to Google Analytics and check the “Realtime” dashboard again – you should see several events under the Eddy AI Assistant category.


We will send the following events to Google Analytics automatically:

Eddy AI AssistantChat Widget LoadedChat Widget Loaded
Eddy AI AssistantChat Widget OpenedChat Widget Opened
Eddy AI AssistantChat Widget ClosedChat Widget Closed
Eddy AI AssistantClicked on PreviewClicked on Preview
Eddy AI AssistantPreview ClosedPreview Closed
Eddy AI AssistantSent MessageSent Message | Text Message
Eddy AI AssistantSent MessageSent Message | Quick Reply | label
Eddy AI AssistantClicked on Cardcard_title | button_title
Eddy AI AssistantReceived Flight Offersdeparture_location to destination_location | departure_date to return_date
Eddy AI AssistantClicked on Flight Offerdeparture_location to destination_location | departure_date to return_date | Total Price: currency price | Passengers: adult_passengers | Class: cabin_class
Eddy AI AssistantReceived Accommodation Offerslocation | check_in_date to check_out_date
Eddy AI AssistantClicked on Accommodation Offerlocation | check_in_date to check_out_date | Total Price: currency total_price | Type: accommodation_type | Rooms: rooms | Stars: stars
Eddy AI AssistantReceived Activity Offerslocation
Eddy AI AssistantClicked on Activity Offerlocation | title | Total Price: currency price
Eddy AI AssistantReceived Car Rental Offerspick_up_location to drop_off_location | pick_up_time to drop_off_time
Eddy AI AssistantClicked on Car Rental Offerpick_up_location to drop_off_location | pick_up_time to drop_off_time | Total Price: currency total_price | Vehicle: vehicle
Eddy AI AssistantClicked on Message LinkURL

I need more help

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