Travel Affiliate Partner Program – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Learn more about the Travel Affiliate Partner Program and how you can generate revenue with a free AI Assistant.

What is Eddy AI Assistant?

Eddy AI is a fully automatic chatbot powered by artificial intelligence. The AI Assistant is available 24/7 to help your site visitors find the best travel deals. By simply chatting, website visitors can search flights, accommodation, and other travel products with prices and inventory in real-time.


What is the partner program?

The Travel Affiliate Partner Program allows you to quickly monetize your website traffic. You can provide your visitors with the best travel offers from a world-renowned trailblazing AI Assistant and earn extra revenue from selling flights, accommodation, tours, activities, and car rentals.

How do I start?

Joining the affiliate partner program only takes minutes:

  1. Register at to receive your unique Partner ID,
  2. Install the Eddy AI Assistant on your website – you will need to use your Partner ID during the installation to activate tracking,
  3. Start earning commissions from travel sales!

How to install the Eddy AI Assistant?

After your sign up for the partner program and get your unique ID, there are a few ways to install Eddy AI on your website:


  1. Download and install the WordPress plugin on your website. 
  2. Go to the plugin settings in the Admin dashboard menu under Settings → Eddy Travels. 
  3. Enter your Partner ID into the “Partner ID” field and click “Save Settings”.


  1. Sign in to the Eddy AI app dashboard and customize the design of the chat widget. 
  2. On the Installation page copy the updated code snippet. Then paste the code snippet into the header or footer of your website.


  1. Go to your website Home menu in Squarespace.
  2. Click Settings -> Advanced -> Code Injection.
  3. Copy-paste your Eddy AI code snippet into the “Header” section and click on “Save”. 


  1. Sign in to the Eddy AI app dashboard,
  2. Find the “Installation“ > “Facebook Messenger & Instagram Integrations“ section and click on the ”Configure” button,
  3. Click “Continue as your name“,
  4. Select your Instagram and Facebook pages,
  5. Click on “Done” and “All Right“.

Can I customise the chat widget?

Yes, you can change everything from the widget icons to the color scheme to match your brand.

For WordPress you can do that in your WordPress Admin -> Settings -> Eddy Travels page. Follow this customization guide if you need more details.

For other systems, you will need to do your customization on the Eddy AI app dashboard. Here’s a guide on how to do that.


What travel products are available with the AI assistant?

With Eddy AI, you can earn commissions from selling flights, accommodation, tours, activities, and car rentals. It is made possible by our integrations with the world’s leading travel companies:

  • Skyscanner – the leading global flights and travel search platform
  • – the world’s most comprehensive hotel booking system
  • GetYourGuide – the largest tours, activities, and attractions marketplace
  • – great deals with more than 290 car hire companies

Can I promote specific travel offers?

Once the Eddy AI chat widget is installed on your website, you can create links (also called deeplinks or hyperlinks) that will send a predefined message to the AI Assistant. The deeplinks can be attached to any text, images, or buttons. Clicking on the deeplink will trigger a search and show the most relevant travel offers in seconds, for example, hotels in Dubai next weekend.


Where can I see more live integrations?

Eddy AI Assistant is already integrated into a number of prominent websites:

  • National Lithuanian Airports: Vilnius, Kaunas, and Palanga airports
  • EButler concierge mobile app from Qatar (download one of the mobile apps and click on the Travel category button)
  • Visit Kaunas – official tourism website
  • Skycop flight claim platform
  • Vanuatu Investment Migration Bureau
  • Food’n Road – tours and food experiences in Lisbon and Porto

How does the tracking work?

The partner ID will be used to track your results and calculate your affiliate commissions. If you do not include your partner ID during the installation process, we will not be able to send you reports or assign sales.

What reports will I receive?

We will send monthly and weekly performance reports to your email address. The reports will include a breakdown of the main chatbot events, searches, clicks, and sales that were generated from your website.

You can always find the reports by signing to the Eddy AI app dashboard in the “Analytics” section. Here you can see all your reports. Click “Download” and see all the information about your results.

What about privacy?

At Eddy AI, we take user security and data privacy very seriously. The Eddy AI chat widget does not store any cookies on the user’s browser. The Partner ID is used to track chat widget events, provide reports, and correctly attribute sales to you.

To comply with the EU GDPR and other data privacy laws, we must inform users about the company and our Privacy Policy. The chat widget will have this sentence embedded in the chat preview window and the “Search” menu inside the chat interface: “By Eddy AI | Privacy”.

How much will I earn in commissions?

For accommodation, activities, and car rental bookings, you will receive from 2.5% to 10% in affiliate commission. For flights, you will receive the commission not only for finalized bookings but also some redirects. The exact commission will depend on the travel product sold, where it happened, discounts applied, and other criteria.

Eddy AI Assistant chatbot - travel affiliate commission for flights, hotels, tours, activities, car rentals

When do I get paid? How will I receive money?

You will receive the commission for the bookings that were finalized (completed) during the previous month. The minimum threshold to receive a payment is 100 EUR. If the threshold is not reached, the commission earned will roll over to the next month. To receive the payment, you will need to issue an invoice and send it to After receiving the invoice, we will process the payment in 14 working days and send it to you via Paypal. Read the full Affiliate Terms & Conditions.

Do you offer custom development services?

Yes. For any inquiries about custom development or enterprise services, please reach out here.

I need more help

If you have any additional questions or comments, please send an email to We are happy to help!