How to embed the Eddy AI chat widget directly into a page?

Note that embed is different from a regular installation. If you want to simply install Eddy AI on your website, please follow this article.

Eddy AI Assistant can be embedded directly into any webpage. You just need to create a new container element with the container ID set to “__EDDY_TRAVELS_CHAT_EMBED” and additionally load the chat widget script on the page.

Here’s the code example:

<div id="__EDDY_TRAVELS_CHAT_EMBED" style="height: 600px; width: 100%;overflow: hidden"> </div> <script src="" async=""></script> <script>window.__ET= { partnerId: 'YOUR_ID_HERE' } </script>

Make sure to replace YOUR_ID_HERE with your Partner ID.

The widget script can be placed in the <head> section of the website. The widget script does not need to be placed next to the container in which you want to embed the Eddy AI webchat.

Additionally, the container styling can be changed, but we suggest keeping the width at 100% and adjusting the height instead. This will ensure the chat will display correctly on both mobile and desktop devices. 

An example of the AI Assistant embedded on the Vilnius International Airport website page.

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